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Poenus, Poena, PoenumCarthaginian, Punic; of/associated w/Carthage; Phoenician; scarlet, bright red
Trojanus, Trojana, TrojanumTrojan
aby, from; after
anno, annare, annavi, annatuspass/live through a year
armum, armi Narms, weapons, armor, shield; close fighting weapons; equipment; force
cinaedus, cinaeda -um, cinaedior -or -us, cinaedissimus -a -umresembling/like/typical of a cinaedus/sodomite; unchaste; impudent, shameless
claudo, claudere, clausi, claususlimp, stumble/falter/hesitate; be weak/imperfect, fall short; be lame, hobble
colo, colere, colui, cultuslive in, inhabit; till, cultivate, promote growth; foster, maintain
conecto, conectere, conexi, conexusjoin/fasten/link together, connect/associate; lead to; tie; implicate/involve
conscius, conscia, consciumconscious, aware of, knowing, privy; sharing knowledge; guilty
culpa, culpae Ffault/blame/responsibility; crime; negligence
debeo, debere, debui, debitusowe; be indebted/responsible for/obliged/bound/destined; ought, must, should
do, dare, dedi, datusgive; dedicate; sell; pay; grant/bestow/impart/offer/lend; devote; allow; make
donum, doni Ngift, present; offering
duco, ducere, duxi, ductuslead, command; think, consider, regard; prolong
dumwhile, as long as, until; provided that
enimnamely; indeed; in fact; for; I mean, for instance, that is to say
ensis, ensis Msword
fatum, fati Nutterance, oracle; fate, destiny; natural term of life; doom, death, calamity
ferio, ferire, -, -hit, strike; strike a bargain; kill, slay
fero, ferre, tuli, latusbring, bear; tell/speak of; consider; carry off, win, receive, produce; get
for, fari, fatus sumspeak, talk; say
foveo, fovere, fovi, fotuskeep warm; favor, cherish, maintain, foster
fretus, freta, fretumrelying on, trusting to, supported by
ille, illa, illudthat; those; that person/thing; the well known; the former
impendo, impendere, impendi, impensusexpend, spend; devote
inscribo, inscribere, inscripsi, inscriptuswrite on/in; inscribe, brand; record as; entitle
instruo, instruere, instruxi, instructusconstruct, build; prepare, draw up; fit out; instruct, teach
ipse, ipsa, ipsumhimself/herself/itself; the very/real/actual one; in person; themselves
jamnow, already, by/even now; besides
juro, jurare, juravi, juratusswear; call to witness; vow obedience to; conspire
lego, legere, legi, lectusread; gather, collect; furl, weigh; pick out
longus, longa -um, longior -or -us, longissimus -a -umlong; tall; tedious, taking long time; boundless; far; of specific length/time
male, pejus, pessimebadly, ill, wrongly, wickedly, unfortunately; extremely
mereor, mereri, meritus sumearn; deserve/merit/have right; win/gain/incur; earn soldier/whore pay, serve
meus, mea, meummy; mine, of me, belonging to me; my own; to me
mitesco, mitescere, -, -become/be/grow mild/soft/gentle/mellow/tame/civilized; soften
moveo, movere, movi, motusmove, stir, agitate, affect, provoke, disturb
mulier, mulieris Fwoman; wife; mistress
musa, musae Fmuse; sciences/poetry
necnor, and..not; not..either, not even
noster, nostra, nostrumour
omnis, omnis, omneeach, every, every one; all; all/the whole of
pars, partis Fpart, region; share; direction; portion, piece; party, faction, side
parvus, parva -um, minor -or -us, minimus -a -umsmall, little, cheap; unimportant; smallest, least
possum, posse, potui, -be able, can
posthabeo, posthabere, posthabui, posthabitusesteem less, subordinate; postpone
proon behalf of; before; in front/instead of; for; about; according to; as, like
puellula, puellulae Fgirl, lass, child; maiden
quamhow, than
qui, quae, quodwho, which
retineo, retinere, retinui, retentushold back, restrain; uphold; delay; hold fast; retain,preserve
rogus, rogi Mfuneral pyre
saevus, saeva -um, saevior -or -us, saevissimus -a -umsavage; fierce/ferocious; violent/wild/raging; cruel, harsh, severe; vehement
sanguis, sanguinis Mblood; family
scelero, scelerare, sceleravi, sceleratusdefile
sicthus, so; as follows; in another way; in such a way
signum, signi Nbattle standard; indication; seal; sign, proof; signal; image, statue
studium, studi(i) Neagerness, enthusiasm, zeal, spirit; devotion, pursuit, study
subeo, subire, subivi(ii), subitusgo/move/pass/sink/extend underneath/into; climb/come/go up, ascend; steal in on
sum, esse, fui, futurusbe; exist
superbus, superba, superbumarrogant, overbearing, haughty, proud
suus, sua, suumhis/one's, her, hers, its; their, theirs
tantumso much, so far; hardly, only
tempero, temperare, temperavi, temperatuscombine, blend, temper; make mild; refrain from; control oneself
tempus, temporis Ntime, condition, right time; season, occasion; necessity
tendo, tendere, tetendi, tensusstretch/spread/extend; distend; aim/direct weapon/glance/steps/course; strive
terra, terrae Fearth, land, ground; country, region
tumulus, tumuli Mmound, hillock; mound, tomb
utor, uti, usus sumuse, make use of, enjoy; enjoy the friendship of
vulnus, vulneris Nwound; mental/emotional hurt; injury to one's interests; wound of love

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