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Teucer, Teucri MTrojan; originally brother of Ajax
arvum, arvi Narable land/field, soil, region; country; dry land; stretch of plain
compages, compagis Faction of binding together, fastening; bond, tie; joint; structure, framework
contorqueo, contorquere, contorsi, contortusstir up/agitate, make rough; utter with vigor; turn about/sway
dico, dicere, dixi, dictussay, declare, state; allege, declare positively; assert; plead
do, dare, dedi, datusgive; dedicate; sell; pay; grant/bestow/impart/offer/lend; devote; allow; make
error, erroris Mwandering; error; winding, maze; uncertainty; deception
fio, feri, factus sumhappen, come about; result; take place, be held, occur, arise
foedo, foedare, foedavi, foedatusdefile; pollute; soil, stain, make filthy/unclean; contaminate; corrupt
for, fari, fatus sumspeak, talk; say
hasta, hastae Fspear/lance/javelin; spear stuck in ground for public auction/centumviral court
inin, on, at; in accordance with/regard to/the case of; within
laevus, laeva, laevumleft, on the left hand; from the left; unpropitious, unfavorable, harmful
lambo, lambere, lambui, lambituslick; lap/lick/suck up, absorb; wash/bathe; surround; fondle/caress; fawn
latebra, latebrae Fhiding place, retreat, lair; subterfuge
lingua, linguae Ftongue; speech, language; dialect
validus, valida, validumstrong, powerful; valid
vis, viris Fstrength, force, power, might, violence; resources; large body
volumen, voluminis Nbook, chapter, fold

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