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Dis, Ditis MDis; deity/godhead; Jupiter
actor, actoris Mactor, performer, doer; advocate; plaintiff; agent; player
aequabilis, aequabile, aequabilior -or -us, aequabilissimus -a -umequal, alike, uniform, steady; unruffled; equal proportion, fair, just
aestumo, aestumare, aestumavi, aestumatusvalue, assess; estimate; reckon; consider, judge; esteem
alius, alia, aliudother, another; different, changed
ambitio, ambitionis Fambition; desire for/currying favor/popularity, flattery; vote canvassing; pomp
aspernor, aspernari, aspernatus sumdespise, scorn, disdain; spurn, push away, repel, reject; refuse, decline
bonus, bona -um, melior -or -us, optimus -a -umgood, honest, brave, noble, kind, pleasant, right, useful; valid; healthy
comperior, comperiri, compertus sumlearn/discover/find; verify/know for certain; find guilty
constans, constantis (gen.), constantior -or -us, constantissimus -a -umconstant, unchanging; steadfast, resolute; steady, stable; immovable; secure
corrumpo, corrumpere, corrupi, corruptusspoil/rot; taint/contaminate; damage/ruin, undo; destroy/deface; digest; infect
cupido, cupidinisdesire/love/wish/longing; lust; greed, appetite; desire for gain
dominor, dominari, dominatus sumbe master/despot/in control, rule over, exercise sovereignty; rule/dominate
eademby the same route; at the same time; likewise; same
exaequo, exaequare, exaequavi, exaequatusequalize, make equal; regard as equal; be equal
facilis, facile, facilior -or -us, facillimus -a -umeasy, easy to do, without difficulty, ready, quick, good natured, courteous
humanus, humana -um, humanior -or -us, humanissimus -a -umhuman; kind; humane, civilized, refined
immuto, immutare, immutavi, immutatuschange, alter, transform
indigeo, indigere, indigui, -need, lack, require
is, ea, idhe/she/it/they; that one
juxtanearly; near, close to, near by, hard by, by the side of; just as, equally
maxumus, maxuma, maxumumgreatest/biggest/largest; longest; oldest; highest, utmost; leading, chief
memoro, memorare, memoravi, memoratusremember; be mindful of; mention/recount/relate, remind/speak of
negotium, negoti(i) Npain, trouble, annoyance, distress; work, business, activity, job
pario, parere, peperi, partusbear; give birth to; beget, bring forth; produce, lay; create; acquire
parvus, parva -um, minor -or -us, minimus -a -umsmall, little, cheap; unimportant; smallest, least
peregrinans, peregrinantis Mpilgrim; traveler; wanderer
plurumus, pluruma, plurumummost, greatest number/amount; very many; most frequent; highest price/value
possum, posse, potui, -be able, can
qui, quae, quodwho, which
quoniambecause, since, seeing that
reliquus, reliqua, reliquumrest of/remaining/available/left; surviving; future/further; yet to be/owed
reprehendo, reprehendere, reprehendi, reprehensushold back, seize, catch; blame
retineo, retinere, retinui, retentushold back, restrain; uphold; delay; hold fast; retain,preserve
sereflexive; -self
siif, if only; whether
sum, esse, fui, futurusbe; exist
teneo, tenere, tenui, tentushold, keep; comprehend; possess; master; preserve
uter, utra, utrumwhich, whichever, no matter which; one, either, one or other
velutijust as, as if

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