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Camena, Camenae FMuse; poetry; poem; song; Latin goddesses of poetry
Lar, Laris MLares; tutelary god/gods of home/hearth/crossroads; home/dwelling
Sibyllinus, Sibyllina, Sibyllinumof or connected with a sibyl, sibylline
accipio, accipere, accepi, acceptustake, grasp, receive, accept, undertake; admit, let in, hear, learn; obey
adeo, adire, adivi(ii), aditusapproach; attack; visit, address; undertake; take possession
aequus, aequa -um, aequior -or -us, aequissimus -a -umlevel, even, equal, like; just, kind, impartial, fair; patient, contented
aes, aeris Nmoney, pay, fee, fare; copper/bronze/brass, base metal; debt; gong
aestus, aestus Magitation, passion, seething; raging, boiling; heat/fire; sea tide/spray/swell
agmen, agminis Nstream; herd, flock, troop, crowd; marching army, column, line; procession
aperio, aperire, aperui, apertusuncover, open, disclose; explain, recount; reveal; found; excavate; spread out
argo, argusthe Argus (ship of Jason)
arva, arvae Farable land, plowed field; soil, region; countryside; dry land; lowlands, plain
augur, augurisaugur, one who interprets behavior of birds; diviner, seer, prophet, soothsayer
auris, auris Fear; hearing; a discriminating sense of hearing,"ear"; pin on plow
auro, aurare, auravi, auratusgild, overlay with gold
avena, avenae Freed, straw; shepherd's pipe, pan pipe; oats, wild oats, other allied grasses
baccor, baccari, baccatus sumrun riot/wild/crazy, dash in a frenzy; be frenzied
bellor, bellari, -fight, wage war, struggle; take part in war/battle/fight
bonus, bona -um, melior -or -us, optimus -a -umgood, honest, brave, noble, kind, pleasant, right, useful; valid; healthy
capella, capellae Fchapel; choir
clivus, cliva, clivumwhich forbid anything to be done
colo, colere, colui, cultuslive in, inhabit; till, cultivate, promote growth; foster, maintain
condo, condere, condidi, conditusput/insert; store up/put away, preserve, bottle; bury/inter; sink
consido, considere, consedi, consessussit down/be seated; hold sessions, sit, try; settle; alight; subside/sink
consto, constare, constiti, constatusagree/correspond/fit, be correct; be dependent/based upon; exist/continue/last
creta, cretae Fclay/clayey soil; chalk; white/fuller's earth; paint/whitening; white goal line
curius, curia, curiumgrievous; full of sorrow
desino, desinere, desivi, desitusstop/end/finish, abandon/leave/break off, desist/cease; come to/at end/close
docilis, docilis, docileeasily taught, teachable, responsive; docile
dono, donare, donavi, donatuspresent, grant; forgive; give, bestow
edo, edere, edidi, edituseject/emit; put/give forth; beget; bear; display/evince/exhibit
effundo, effundere, effudi, effususpour out/away/off; allow to drain; shower; volley; send/stream forth
exemplar, exemplaris Nmodel, pattern, example, original, ideal; copy/reproduction; typical instance
for, fari, fatus sumspeak, talk; say
formosus, formosa -um, formosior -or -us, formosissimus -a -umbeautiful, finely formed, handsome, fair; having fine appearance/form
gremium, gremii Nfirewood
haedus, haedi Mkid, young goat; two stars in constellation Auriga,"The Kid"
hic, haec, hocthis; these
infero, inferre, intuli, illatusbring/carry in, import; advance, bring/march/step/move foward; impel, urge
insero, inserere, inserui, insertusplant, sow; graft on; put in, insert
instinctus, instincta, instinctumroused, fired; infuriated
juvat, juvare, juvit, jutus estit pleases/delights; it is enjoyable; it is helpful
lentus, lenta -um, lentior -or -us, lentissimus -a -umclinging, tough; slow, sluggish, lazy, procrastinating; easy, pliant
liceo, licere, licui, -fetch
lucidus, lucida, lucidumbright, shining; clear
ludus, ludi Mgame, play, sport, pastime, entertainment, fun; school, elementary school
meditor, meditari, meditatus sumconsider/contemplate/ponder; meditate, think about; reflect on; devise/plan
mill 1000 times, on 1000 occasions-
moneo, monere, monui, monitusremind, advise, warn; teach; admonish; foretell, presage
nascor, nasci, natus sumbe produced spontaneously, come into existence/being; spring forth, grow; live
necto, nectere, nexui, nexustie, bind
octo, octavus -a -um, octoni -ae -a, octie(n)s
oro, orare, oravi, oratusbeg, ask for, pray; beseech, plead, entreat; worship, adore
pario, parere, peperi, partusbear; give birth to; beget, bring forth; produce, lay; create; acquire
partus, partus Mbirth; offspring
parvus, parva -um, minor -or -us, minimus -a -umsmall, little, cheap; unimportant; smallest, least
placeo, placere, placui, placitusplease, satisfy, give pleasure to
possum, posse, potui, -be able, can
probo, probare, probavi, probatusapprove, esteem/commend/recommend/certify; give assent/approval/sanction
probus, proba, probumgood, honest
produco, producere, produxi, productuslead forward, bring out; reveal; induce; promote; stretch out; prolong; bury
proles, prolis Foffspring, descendant; that springs by birth/descent; generation; race, breed
rapio, rapere, rapui, raptusdrag off; snatch; destroy; seize, carry off; pillage; hurry
refero, referre, rettuli, relatusbring/carry back/again/home; move/draw/force back, withdraw; go back, return
regno, regnare, regnavi, regnatusreign, rule; be king; play the lord, be master
ruo, ruere, rui, rutusdestroy, ruin, overthrow; rush on, run; fall; charge; be ruined
securus, secura, securumsecure, safe, untroubled, free from care
sedeo, sedere, sedi, sessussit, remain; settle; encamp
sex, sextus -a -um, seni -ae -a, sexie(n)s 6 times, on 6 occasions-
solus, sola, solum (gen -ius)only, single; lonely; alone, having no companion/friend/protector; unique
solvo, solvere, solvi, solutusloosen, release, unbind, untie, free; open; set sail; scatter; pay off/back
superover, above, upon, in addition to; during; concerning; beyond
texo, texere, texui, textusweave; plait; construct with elaborate care
totas/so often, so many times, such a great number of times; that number of times
tractus, tractus Mdragging or pulling along; drawing out; extent; tract, region; lengthening
tueor, tueri, tutus sumsee, look at; protect, watch; uphold
undecim, undecimus -a -um, undeni -ae -a, undecie(n)s 11 each/apiece/times/fold/together/at a time-'how many each'; by 11s
urbs, urbis Fcity; City of Rome
usqueup to
utto, in order that/to; how, as, when, while; even if
veneror, venerari, veneratus sumadore, revere, do homage to, honor, venerate; worship; beg, pray, entreat
venor, venari, venatus sumhunt
verax, veracis (gen.), veracior -or -us, veracissimus -a -umspeaking the truth, truthful; conveying the truth
vir, viri Mman; husband; hero; person of courage, honor, and nobility

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