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Caesar, Caesaris MCaesar
adspicio, adspicere, adspexi, adspectuslook/gaze on/at, see, observe, behold, regard; face; consider, contemplate
aestas, aestatis Fsummer; summer heat/weather; a year
algidus, algida, algidumcold
amoenus, amoena -um, amoenior -or -us, amoenissimus -a -umbeautiful, attractive, pleasant, agreeable, enjoyable, charming, lovely
arbor, arboris Ftree; tree trunk; mast; oar; ship; gallows; spearshaft; beam; squid?
arbutus, arbuti Farbutus, strawberry tree
avidus, avida -um, avidior -or -us, avidissimus -a -umgreedy, eager, ardent, desirous of; avaricious, insatiable; lustful, passionate
capella, capellae Fchapel; choir
caput, capitis Nhead; person; life; leader; top; source/mouth; capital
colubra, colubrae Fserpent, snake; Furies; Hydra
confundo, confundere, confudi, confususpour/mix/mass/bring together; combine/unite/blend/merge; spread over, diffuse
cupido, cupidinisdesire/love/wish/longing; lust; greed, appetite; desire for gain
discerno, discernere, discrevi, discretussee, discern; distinguish, separate
duco, ducere, duxi, ductuslead, command; think, consider, regard; prolong
equus, equi Mhorse; steed
fames, famis Fhunger; famine; want; craving
fas, undeclined Ndivine/heaven's law/will/command; that which is right/lawful/moral/allowed
finio, finire, finivi, finituslimit, end; finish; determine, define; mark out the boundaries
finis, finisboundary, end, limit, goal; country, territory, land
fraternus, fraterna, fraternumbrotherly/brother's; of/belonging to a brother; fraternal; friendly; of cousin
gravis, grave, gravior -or -us, gravissimus -a -umheavy; painful; important; serious; pregnant; grave, oppressive, burdensome
haedilia, haediliae Flittle kid/goat
igneus, ignea, igneumfiery, hot; ardent
inpune, inpunius, inpunissimewith impunity; without punishment/retribution/restraint/consequences/harm
insignis, insignis, insigneconspicuous, manifest, eminent, notable, famous, distinguished, outstanding
integer, integra -um, integrior -or -us, integerrimus -a -umuntouched, entire, whole, complete; uninjured, sound, fresh, vigorous
lacrimosus, lacrimosa, lacrimosumtearful, weeping; causing tears
lascivus, lasciva, lascivumplayful; lustful, wanton; impudent, mischievous; free from restraint
lesbius, lesbia, lesbiumlesbian, tribade
levis, leve, levior -or -us, levissimus -a -umlight, thin, trivial, trifling, slight; gentle; fickle, capricious; nimble
libido, libidinis Fdesire/longing/wish/fancy; lust, wantonness; will/pleasure; passion/lusts
lubricus, lubrica, lubricumslippery; sinuous; inconstant; hazardous, ticklish; deceitful
lupus, lupi Mwolf; grappling iron
lyra, lyrae Flyre; lyric poetry/inspiration/genius; Lyra/the Lyre; lute/harp
maritus, marita, maritumnuptial; of marriage; married, wedded, united
mas, (gen.), marismale; masculine, of the male sex; manly, virile, brave, noble; G:masculine
mater, matris Fmother, foster mother; lady, matron; origin, source, motherland, mother city
merum, meri Nwine
metuo, metuere, metui, -fear; be afraid; stand in fear of; be apprehensive, dread
militia, militiae Fmilitary service/organization; campaign; war; soldiers, army
modicus, modica, modicummoderate; temperate, restrained; small
moenia, moeniumdefensive/town walls, bulwarks; fortifications; fortified town; castle
mordax, (gen.), mordacisbiting, snappish; tart; cutting, sharp; caustic
moveo, movere, movi, motusmove, stir, agitate, affect, provoke, disturb
munus, muneris Nservice; duty, office, function; gift; tribute, offering; bribes
natalis, natalis, natalenatal, of birth
nefas, undeclined Nsin, violation of divine law, impious act
niger, nigra, nigrumblack, dark; unlucky
no, nare, navi, -swim, float
nullus, nulla, nullum (gen -ius)no; none, not any
pauperies, pauperiei Fpoverty
pestis, pestis Fplague, pestilence, curse, destruction
pharetra, pharetrae Fquiver
pluvius, pluvia, pluviumrainy, causing or bringing rain
poculum, poculi Ncup, bowl, drinking vessel; drink/draught; social drinking; drink
populus, populipeople, nation, State; public/populace/multitude/crowd; a following
prex, precis Fprayer, request
princeps, (gen.), principisfirst, foremost, leading, chief, front; earliest, original; most necessary
priusearlier, before, previously, first
proelium, proeli(i) Nbattle/fight/bout/conflict/dispute; armed/hostile encounter; bout of strength
proteruitas, proteruitatis Fimpudence; boldness
protervus, proterva, protervumviolent, reckless; impudent, shameless
purus, pura -um, purior -or -us, purissimus -a -umpure, clean, unsoiled; free from defilement/taboo/stain; blameless, innocent
rixa, rixae Fviolent or noisy quarrel, brawl, dispute
sacer, sacra, sacrumsacred, holy, consecrated; accursed, horrible, detestable
saevus, saeva -um, saevior -or -us, saevissimus -a -umsavage; fierce/ferocious; violent/wild/raging; cruel, harsh, severe; vehement
scelus, sceleris Ncrime; calamity; wickedness, sin, evil deed
sero, serere, sevi, satussow, plant; strew, scatter, spread; cultivate; beget, bring forth
siccus, sicca, siccumdry
silva, silvae Fwood, forest
suspicio, suspicere, suspexi, suspectuslook up to; admire
totidem, undeclinedas many; just so/as many; the equivalent number of, same
tueor, tueri, tutus sumsee, look at; protect, watch; uphold
umbra, umbrae Fshade; ghost; shadow
umerus, umeri Mupper arm, shoulder
uxor, uxoris Fwife
velox, velocis (gen.), velocior -or -us, velocissimus -a -umswift, quick, fleet, rapid, speedy
ventus, venti Mwind
vester, vestra, vestrumyour, of/belonging to/associated with you
viridis, viridis, viridefresh, green; blooming,youthful
vita, vitae Flife, career, livelihood; mode of life
vitis, vitis Fvine; grape vine
voltus, voltus Mface, expression; looks

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