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aby, from; after
abby, from; after
adjuro, adjurare, adjuravi, adjuratusswear by/solemnly; affirm with oath; charge/entreat/urge
adsurgo, adsurgere, adsurrexi, adsurrectusrise/stand up, rise to one's feet/from bed; climb, lift oneself; grow; soar
alius, alia, aliudother, another; different, changed
amiculum, amiculi Ncloak; mantle, outer garment; coat; clothing, dress
cadaver, cadaveris Ncorpse, cadaver, dead body; ruined city
caput, capitis Nhead; person; life; leader; top; source/mouth; capital
cio, cire, civi(ii), citusmove, set in motion; excite/rouse/stir up; urge on; summon/muster/call up
committo, committere, commisi, commissusbring together, unite/join, connect/attach; put together, construct; entrust
compleo, complere, complevi, completusfill; be big enough to fill; occupy space, crowd; furnish/supply/man
contingo, contingere, contigi, contactustouch; reach; border on, be connected with; affect, hit; take hold, seize
corpus, corporis Nbody; person, self; virility; flesh; corpse; trunk; frame; collection/sum
cumwith, together/jointly/along/simultaneous with, amid; supporting; attached
cunctus, cuncta, cunctumaltogether, in a body; every, all, entire; total/complete; whole of
deosculor, deosculari, deosculatus sumkiss warmly/affectionately; praise/laud highly
deus, deigod; God; divine essence/being, supreme being; statue of god
devotio, devotionis Fdevotion by general/army to infernal gods for country; curse; spell/sorcery
dico, dicere, dixi, dictussay, declare, state; allege, declare positively; assert; plead
do, dare, dedi, datusgive; dedicate; sell; pay; grant/bestow/impart/offer/lend; devote; allow; make
dolo, dolare, dolavi, dolatushew/chop into shape, fashion/devise; inflict blows, batter/cudgel soundly, drub
enimnamely; indeed; in fact; for; I mean, for instance, that is to say
etiamand also, besides/furthermore, in addition/as well; even, actually; yes/indeed
exter, extera -um, exterior -or -us, extremus -a -umouter/external; outward; on outside, far; of another country, foreign; strange
genu, genus Nknee
gratia, gratiae Fpopularity/esteem/credit; partiality/favoritism; unpopularity
hic, haec, hocthis; these
impono, imponere, imposui, impositusimpose, put upon; establish; inflict; assign/place in command; set
imprecor, imprecari, imprecatus sumcall down/upon, invoke; pray for; utter curses
infernus, inferna, infernumlower, under; underground, of the lower regions, infernal; of hell
injicio, injicere, injeci, injectushurl/throw/strike in/into; inject; put on; inspire, instill
innocens, (gen.), innocentisharmless, innocent; virtuous, upright
ipse, ipsa, ipsumhimself/herself/itself; the very/real/actual one; in person; themselves
is, ea, idhe/she/it/they; that one
jamnow, already, by/even now; besides
juvenis, juvenisyouth, young man/woman
lassus, lassa, lassumtired, weary; languid
malus, mala -um, pejor -or -us, -bad, evil, wicked; ugly; unlucky
medius, media, mediummiddle, middle of, mid; common, neutral, ordinary, moderate; ambiguous
membrum, membri Nmember, limb, organ; male genital member; apartment, room; section
mentior, mentiri, mentitus sumlie, deceive, invent; imitate; feign; pretend; speak falsely about
meus, mea, meummy; mine, of me, belonging to me; my own; to me
morior, mori, mortuus sumdie, expire, pass/die/wither away/out; fail, come to an end; decay
necnor, and..not; not..either, not even
nonnot, by no means, no
nubo, nubere, nupsi, nuptusmarry, be married to
numen, numinis Ndivine will, divinity; god
pango, pangere, pepigi, pactuscompose; insert, drive in, fasten; plant; fix, settle, agree upon, stipulate
paulisperfor a short time/brief while
perimo, perimere, peremi, peremptuskill, destroy
pietas, pietatis Fresponsibility, sense of duty; loyalty; tenderness, goodness; pity; piety
possum, posse, potui, -be able, can
pridemsome time ago, previously
prophetes, prophetae Mprophet; spokesman/interpreter of a god; foreteller, soothsayer
publicus, publica, publicumpublic; common, of the people/state; official
quinso that not, without; that not; but that; that
quiris, quiritis Fspear
refero, referre, rettuli, relatusbring/carry back/again/home; move/draw/force back, withdraw; go back, return
res, rei Fthing; event/affair/business; fact; cause; property
senex, senis (gen.), senior -or -us, -aged, old
sero, serere, sevi, satussow, plant; strew, scatter, spread; cultivate; beget, bring forth
sicthus, so; as follows; in another way; in such a way
soror, sororis Fsister
spiritus, spiritus Mbreath, breathing, air, soul, life
sum, esse, fui, futurusbe; exist
testis, testistesticle
torqueo, torquere, torsi, tortusturn, twist; hurl; torture; torment; bend, distort; spin, whirl; wind
turba, turbae Fcommotion, uproar, turmoil, tumult, disturbance; crowd, mob, multitude
ultio, ultionis Frevenge, vengeance, retribution
veritas, veritatis Ftruth, fact, accuracy; honesty, truthfulness, frankness; sincerity, uprightness

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